Time for a Reset

For the first time in 2 years, my family decided it was time to take a vacation. While we have been to places around New England over the past two years, we have been missing our “bigger” getaway trip. This to us means getting on a plane and actually escaping our everyday lives and hitting the reset button. The last time we got on a plane was exactly one week before the “world shut down” in March 2020, almost two years ago to the day.  

We decided back in January that it was time to plan something. We knew we wanted warm sunny weather, a beach, and limited cell service. Between work and school, we all needed to  disconnect from technology (as much as possible) and just enjoy each other’s company as a family. So off to the Caribbean we went! We just returned from a week in paradise and we all feel so rejuvenated. There is something so cleansing about just taking time off to escape and reset our minds and bodies.  

Resets are needed in many ways and for many reasons, and there is a true reason behind the term “Spring Cleaning!” A few months back in one of our manager’s meetings we started discussing doing a “reset” here in the retail market. While we are constantly bringing in new products, we often find ourselves limited on space as to where these new items will go. For staff and customers, our brains get so used to the way things are that we get stuck in our habits and don’t always see everything around us, but rather the things that we are used to. The kitchen and bakery staff have been busy creating new dishes and desserts, and the grocery department has been selecting and purchasing many new items to bring to the shelves. Hence, one of the reasons for needing a change in the store. Something fresh and new for both our staff and customers. New products and a slightly new look! This past Sunday night after we closed up shop, some of our team members got right to work and started working their magic.  

We know that for some, change can trigger anxiety! We are here to help you and ease that anxiety! It can be frustrating when you go to look for something and it isn’t where it normally is. This is true whether it’s at home or in a store! We are all creatures of habit. To help you, we have placed signs up where things once lived on the shelves to point you in the right direction. Our staff has also been prepared for your questions and are ready and willing to help you too! Don’t give up if you don’t see a product that you are looking for!

We are excited for this change and to be able to offer additional products that we hope excite you! We invite you to give yourself a little extra time to explore our products and to discover something new. Whether it be something you find on your own, or maybe a product tagged on the shelf as one of our “Staff Picks,” we are sure that there is something you will find that will become a new refreshing item in your home!

Happy Discovering and Shopping!