The Bishop Families have been making apple cider since the late 1930’s with the objective of always making superior-quality cider each generation. A blend of apple varieties are used to create a flavor profile that is not only delicious, but consistent week in, week out. There is a cider size to purchase that suits each household from the 1 gallon container to the 6-pack Cider Chugger bottles.

By keeping a steady and direct control of all phases of the cider production, our goal is to make the most delicious, safe, healthy and nutritious fresh cider starting from early September until June (some years may roll over into August, depending on the availability of apples).

Our sweet cider is produced from our own apples, grown in our own orchards and refrigerated immediately after harvest. Each apple is inspected closely prior to being brushed and washed to ensure only sound, ripe apples are used. The apples are then ground up and pumped into our stainless steel press with nylon press cloths. All surfaces of our press, tanks and pipelines are USDA approved and sanitized each time cider is made. In addition to the USDA approval, we also have a HAACP plan that insures integrity to our process.

Keeping our apple cider in its natural state is our priority, making sure nothing additional is added and to remain as 100% pure apple juice. The flavor, nutritional value and vitamins are found in the fine apple particles suspended in cider. Below you can find further information on our cider.


Each batch of our cider is pasteurized to kill any microorganisms that may exist to avoid spoilage or cause sickness. Pasteurizing will not guarantee the end product will be free from bacteria when consumed; once opened, the temperature, time and environment will determine quality and safety of the food. Since cider must be kept refrigerated (best under 45͑° F) to maintain its quality and shelf life. To provide ease, we mark our cider containers with a “best used by date” to provide all consumers with 30 days or more timeframe to enjoy every drop of cider when properly refrigerated.

We are proud to offer all of our customers with the reassurance that our focus on quality to ensure a tasty, delicious and satisfying apple cider is a top priority during each cider production.

In addition to our sweet apple cider, another way to enjoy our apples year round is with our variety of Hard Cider that is also made from our cider.