One of the few commercial local farms that remains of Guilford’s agricultural heritage, Bishop’s Orchards continues a tradition that dates back over 140 years to the original 52-acre farm that the family’s great-great-grandfather Walter purchased in 1871. As each generation has built on the successes of our forebears, the farm has continued to change and grow.

Innovation and adaptation to changing conditions and markets have been one of our hallmarks. Throughout our evolution from a small general farm peddling ice, milk, fruits and vegetables door-to-door to the residents of the shoreline communities to a wholesale grower of fruits and vegetables supplying the produce markets of New York and New England, currently we are now a thriving retail market as well. Our goal has remained the same through all the years to provide our customers with the freshest, best-quality farm products possible, grown with integrity and concern for our environment.

The mix of crops and varieties of fruits we grow has changed over the years. Advances in agricultural science have inspired changes to how we farm. Smaller, more efficient, easier to manage trees have replaced the sprawling old apple trees of the past. Fields that once grew large crops of lettuce, cabbage and beans destined for wholesale markets now produce a more diverse mix of vegetable, berry and flower crops for our farm market, Pick-Your-Own and CSA.

Through it all, Bishop’s Orchards continues to fill us with pride as a family to be working the land as generations of Bishops and dedicated employees who preceded us.

Whether you are enjoying purchasing our own farm-fresh products at our farm market or a more direct farm experience at our Pick-Your-Own or CSA, we look forward to serving you.

Jonathan Bishop

Fifth Generation Co-Owner and Co-CEO