Why Pick Bishop’s

Bishop’s Orchards Vision:

Preserve and enhance the value of the land for current and future generations and provide exceptional products and services to our customers that emphasize “family, food, and recreation.”

Bishop’s Orchards Mission Statement

To be:
The leader in the farm market, orchard and winery businesses in Connecticut.

Outstanding customer service, quality farm related products and practices, driven by dedicated, knowledgeable employees.

Resulting in:
Customer loyalty, exceptional value for our customers, an outstanding public image, that supports and rewards our family and employees.

As consumers, we make choices on an almost momentary basis; we choose our cell phones and Netflix shows with the utmost intentionality, but one of most important decisions you can make as a consumer – one that is too often overlooked – is what food nourishes your family. We believe it’s time to pick wisely when making choices about what is served for dinner. At Bishop’s, you can see the difference. You can taste it. You can feel it every morning when you get out of bed feeling physically better because you’re powered by products that are raised, handled, and delivered with care.

The Bishop’s team provides a family-friendly market space that isn’t oversaturated, over processed and over marketed, but cultivates an experience rooted in nutrient-rich foods reflecting your menu plan, lifestyle and health goals, empowering you to make the healthy choices simply by walking through the door. Bishop’s is committed to trustworthy food sources, providing local products unique to our region and a whole-hearted commitment to quality & freshness so that our products are the focus of your experience. Each product is tested, our vendors are vetted, and the origin of each of our offerings is affectionately known so that when you pick Bishop’s, you pick wisely.

It is in this spirit of intentionality and health consciousness that “we ask our customers to become our advocates, to share with us pictures of your family dinner, to tell us in the year ahead how picking wisely has made life better for you and family. Help us initiate change in how your friends and neighbors make their food choices and, as a result, create a healthier community through picking wisely, picking Bishop’s.”