Hard Cider Listing

**Wine and hard cider tastings will be OPEN from 12-5pm on Saturdays & Sundays. For further information, please call 203-458-PICK. Our complete selection of our wines, hard ciders and other CT Farm Wines are available for in market purchase or curbside pickup.


Farmhouse Style Hard Cider – NOW AVAILABLE IN 4-pk CANS

Bishop’s gently-effervescent cider is made from a harmonious blend of our own apples grown right in our orchard. Local never tasted so crisp and delicious! From our orchards to your glass, our fresh “American Sweet Cider” made from a special blend of our own apples has been carefully fermented into Hard cider, reminiscent of our forefathers drink before coming from Guildford, England to Guilford, CT U.S.A.! Serve ice cold for full flavor. A great Beer Alternative. Gluten Free. Semi-Dry. (7% Alcohol, 2% RS).

Burton Hard Cider – NOW AVAILABLE IN 4-pk CANS

Burton W. Bishop’s sons were instrumental in setting out our first orchard of 600 trees in the 1920’s. 100 years later, with over 18,000 trees, 580 of them are heirloom and cider varietals used exclusively in our hard cider blends. The apples in this blend include Golden Russet, Yarlington Mill, Wickson, and Dabinett, each contributing unique flavors and aromas to make a great tasting and robust dry cider. Serve lightly chilled. (6.9% Alcohol, 1% RS).

NEW Crosby Semi-Sweet Black Currant Hard Cider – SOLD OUT – AVAILABLE SUMMER 2020

Made with Bishop’s Own Apples and CT Black Currants. Named after our farm dog, this NEW hard cider blends with local black currants to produce a refreshing, semi-sweet, fruity, light effervescent drink! A deep purple shade and perfect for the holidays!

New England Style Hard Cider – SOLD OUT

For those liking a touch of sweetness, our New England Style Hard Cider has more hints of fresh apples as well as its crisp, light, bubbly mouthfeel. Made from a special blend of our own apples, we have carefully fermented it into Hard Cider. Serve ice cold for full flavor. It pairs well with a meal, or as a drink with friends. Our light, crisp and refreshing ciders make a great alternative to beer! Refreshingly light with a semi-sweet, slightly effervescence. (6% Alcohol, 3% RS).

Golden Hard Cider – SOLD OUT

Our true varietal cider, made from 100% Golden Delicious apples grown in our orchards. Goldens are known for their great fresh cider characteristics. Our Goldens and their aromas have been captured and lightly sweetened with local honey to create a light, fruity, refreshing, effervescent drink with citrus notes. Serve chilled, either straight up or on the rocks! Semi-Dry, Lightly Effervescent. (6% Alcohol, 1.5% RS)

Lillian Hard Cider – SOLD OUT

We honor Burton’s wife Lillian with this cider. They had 6 children, and like the 5 fruits in this cider grown on our farm, each contributed to the flavor and character of like and our family tree. Farming a century ago was challenging and Lillian ran the important household duties that supported the farm. Enjoy subtle berry notes while reflecting on your family’s history. Serve chilled, either straight up or on the rocks! Semi-Dry, Lightly Effervescent. (6.9% Alcohol, 1.5% RS)


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