Our success depends upon the talents of many other employees besides the staff included here. Every employee’s work and dedication is appreciated by the Bishop Families, managers, and our faithful customers.

Jonathan Bishop is a fifth-generation co-owner and Co-CEO, responsible for production, harvesting, and warehousing of all crops on the farm, including disease and insect control, IPM (integrated pest management), and farm equipment. He served on Guilford’s Planning & Zoning Commission.


Keith Bishop is a fifth-generation co-owner and Co-CEO, responsible for retail marketing, sales and business management of the family business, as well as winemaker. He is an elected member of Guilford’s Board of Education since 1991.


Sarah Bishop Dellaventura is COO,  overseeing all Operations and Strategic Growth, both on the Retail and Farm side. She is the first of the Sixth Generation to return as a full-time member of the family business.

Carrie Bishop Healy is the CFO, overseeing all financial management, accounting, HR and IT functions of the business. She is a member of the sixth-generation of the Bishop Family.




Charles (Gene) Bishop is a fourth generation co-owner, and previous manager of tree fruit production. He served on Guilford’s Board of Selectmen and as first Selectman from 2003-2005. He is now chairman of the Public Works Commission.



Russ Geary is our Produce Team Manager, who handles buying produce for the Farm Market, from native produce to imports. He loves promoting and selling our own fruits and vegetables.


Brad Isnard is our Farm Manager and CSA Director, coordinating the receiving, packing, and shipping of the products we grow and sell from our farm operation. Cider production and shipping our Apple Gift Packs are also handled under him.


Joe Pecoraro is our Senior Accountant, responsible for assisting in the financial management and accounting tasks of the business.


Debbie Bishop is Payroll and Cash Office Clerk, handling many pieces of employee and customer service that she has gleaned from 30 years of service.


Alicia Metzler is a Front End Team Supervisor, coordinating our front end checkouts to deliver the best service possible to you.


Bobbi Halloway is our Prepared Foods Team Manager, coordinating the preparation, cooking and baking of our prepared foods, pies, cookies and baked goods.

Dana Howd is our Administrative Assistant, responsible for day-to-day office operations and providing support to the financial department.

Erica DeNuzzo is our Marketing Manager, handling public relations, advertising and graphic communications.

Paul Genovese is our IT Administrator, focusing on database programing, computer networks operations and technical support.

Terri Seaquist is our Cash Office Clerk, responsible for cash register set-up.

Tom Finnegan is our Warehouse Receiver, maintaining all in bound and out bound shipments.

Peter Van der Grinten is our Facilities & Maintenance Manager.

Ryan Sylvia is our Orchard Foreman, handling small fruits and apples.

Gerhard Gerritts is our Field Equipment and Transportation Manager.

Michaele Williams is our Farm Manager, in charge of small fruits, vegetables & greenhouse operations.

Kirsten Keyser is a Frontend Supervisor, assisting with customer service.

Michael Aragon is our Head Chef, creating elevated cuisines to take home to your table.

JP Chaffiotte is a Frontend Supervisor and our Pick Your Own Manager.

Ryan Bishop is a Farm Production Foreman, joining the family business in 2019 after 6 years of orchard and cider production work at Poverty Lane Orchards in New Hampshire. He is a member of the sixth-generation of the Bishop Family.

Mike Costa is our Asst Winemaker and Packing Room Supervisor with a special knack for maintaining mechanical equipment.