Healthy Kids Lunches

Clean eating as an adult is an everyday struggle for most. We’re constantly trying to adjust our eating habits to prevent consumption of excess sugar, and processed foods that are high in fat. At Bishop’s Orchards, we believe that it’s important to reaffirm healthy eating not just for adults, but for kids as well. By promoting a healthy lifestyle for kids and showing them how healthy food can taste good, it will help them to establish their own mindful eating habits. Sarah, Marketing Director at Bishop’s, and mother of two is the driving force behind this initiative. She shares, “A lot of parents, myself included, think ‘what’s the quickest thing I can make for lunch while also being healthy for the kids?’” So, the Bishop’s team has set out to make nutritional choices for children as easy as 1-2-3, by providing healthy snack and lunch options that are affordable, easy to prepare, and that your kids will crave!

The variety of kids foods that we offer at Bishop’s will suffice every dietary lifestyle, including school safe, gluten free and nut free options, while also providing parents with easy, on-the-go, packable lunch options. From grab-and-go lunches, to fresh fruit, hummus cups, veggie sticks and more, the assortment will peak your children’s interest, keep their lunches fun, while also exposing them to non-traditional foods that they’ll find delicious. In addition, we encourage parents to simplify lunchtime meal prep by seeking out bulk food choices such as, baby carrots, pretzels, goldfish, apple slices, nuts and more – encouraging them to prepare for the week ahead of time. Ultimately, the team at Bishop’s hopes to support the mindset of proper diet and nutrition in children, so they can grow and thrive on a foundation of health and wellness.

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