By Farmer KeithBee

I love farming, and our family’s passion to growing healthy fruits and vegetables for your table, our neighbors and beyond. I’m grateful that our family continues to be stewards of over 300 acres, to use it for God’s purposes of sustaining health and life. As we plow forward, each day provides opportunities and hardships, rewards and lessons. These hopefully challenge us to grow and sustain us as individuals, families, friends and neighbors, all across our great nation and the world.

This week is one to truly reflect upon, as we all gather with family and friends on Thanksgiving, officially established by President Lincoln in 1863. In 1639, John Bishop, a signer of the Guilford Covenant and who the current Bishop’s Orchards family’s owe their lives to, celebrated the first Guilford Thanksgiving (we Keith-Abbeythank his wife and family too!), long after the Pilgrims did in 1621. My family is so thankful for your support of us and our fantastic team (over 180 staff at our peak week in October!) that allows us to grow and serve our community. Recently, we did our 3rd ‎Random Act of Apples, and paid tribute to our Veterans and the VA Hospital’s staff‬ on November 13th. We are grateful for those who are and have served our nation, and seeing the appreciation on the faces of those we touched that day with our gifts of apples, cider and donuts is a special gift to receive back.

So, as the end of the row approaches, and its decision time, I turn into the short rows, akin to not biting off more then I can chew, thankful for small bites of God’s great earth entrusted in our family’s hands, stretching our bounty to serve others.

Thank you again for your support of our family farm business. God bless.