Pick-Your-Own is CLOSED for 2017. Call 203 458-PICK for Farm Market details 24/7, year round.

At Bishop’s Orchards we work hard and take pride in growing the highest quality fruits to enjoy year after year from our family to yours. All the fresh products are available either seasonally at our Pick-Your-Own (PYO) locations and/or annually at our farm market.

The summer sun shining down on our orchards provides an ideal location to spend part of the day to enjoy the fun of picking your own quality fruit directly from the bushes or trees. Each year the Pick-Your-Own season may vary due to weather and crop abundance, yet generally runs from mid-June until the end of October. You can see the breakdown on our PYO Calendar. To ensure you have the most accurate information, we recommend calling ahead at our 24-hour information phone line of 203-458-PICK (7425). This phone line is also updated daily during the picking season to provide the latest information to all our valued customers.

We look forward to having your family and friends enjoy the fun and experience of our popular Pick-Your-Own season at Bishop’s Orchards! Plan ahead and see when your favorite fruit will be ready for picking to snack on shortly after picking or to prepare delicious meals or canned jams.

As the first Pick-Your-Own fruit of the season, our sweet and juicy strawberries provide a healthy snack as is or can be prepared within a variety of tasty recipes from salads to desserts. Typically starting in mid-June and lasting until early July, there are varieties that we grow that have been carefully selected due to their flavor and ability to cultivate well in our New England soils and weather. Although the season for picking strawberries is short, it is worthwhile picking your batch as soon as possible before they are gone until next year.

A small berry is readily available mid-July and continues into late August with approximately a six-to-seven week harvest period. As with our strawberries, we grow several varieties of blueberries on our lands that continuously ripen throughout the season. Do not take their small size the wrong way as they are very versatile and have excellent eating, cooking and freezing qualities. When picking, it is recommended that the berry has a full blue color to guarantee a full, sweet flavor. With a longer availability for picking, we rotate our picking areas to ensure a steady, uniform supply of ripe berries from the start to the end of the season.

A fragile fruit with deep red coloring and sweet, tangy flavors are available to be freshly picked starting in mid-to-late August and continues until late October with September being its peak time. In addition to their natural beauty and flavors, raspberries also offer a great source of dietary fiber and Vitamin C. To avoid spoilage, we recommend using them within a day unless properly stored fresh or frozen. With that said, there are many ways to use raspberries in salads, yogurt, juices, sauces, cakes and cookies.

Our soft, fuzzy-skinned freestone peaches are full of color and sweetly juicy with each bite. The season begins in early-August and extends until mid-September. Due to their ideal tree-ripened picking and unpredictability, the Pick-Your-Own times are typically known a few days in advance. Do not let their temperament deter you from enjoying this sweet fruit because they are well worth the wait once they are ripe. Peaches are also a great source of Vitamin C and dietary fiber among other small quantities of vitamins and minerals including potassium. Enjoy all the health benefits and savor this luscious fruit fresh or prepared as a dessert and/or addition to your summer BBQ dinner.

Our own pears come in various sizes, shapes and colors with a distinct waist tapering to the stem. The season begins in late August with Bartlett Pears and runs until mid-September with Bosc Pears. Both pear varieties are distinct in their own way; Bartlett’s are juicy, sweet and excellent for eating, canning and cooking while Bosc’s are crisp and best for eating and cooking. Unique to Bishop’s Orchards, Bosc pears are available in our Farm Market typically from September until April. Regardless of which type of pear you choose, they are a great addition to your diet due to their natural source of dietary fiber, Vitamin C and low GI (prolonged energy due to slow carbohydrate digestion) and low potassium.

As the primary fruit of our orchard, apples are readily available from mid-August to late October. On site, we grow over 20 varieties of apples that suit all your needs whether it be for cooking, gifts, or a quick snack on the go. At our Pick-Your-Own locations, we provide bags at no cost and on the weekends a tractor trailer rides takes you from our parking area into the orchard. For specific varieties, we recommend calling us before you come in to make sure we have just the right apple for you! Other than the Pick-Your-Own season, we always have a wide selection of apples year round to choose from right in our Farm Market due to our special storage units that keep the apples “Tree fresh” long after they have been picked.

To wrap up our Pick-Your-Own season we have the hearty, sphere-shaped pumpkins ready to be used as a decoration during Halloween and Thanksgiving or prepared as a food item from pumpkin seeds to soups. Accompanying the apples, this is a fun time of the year to come for PYO to celebrate being outdoors with the fresh crisp air in our pumpkin crop. The season starts in mid-September and lasts through Halloween. In addition to pumpkins, we also have excellent pairings of mums, corn stalks, gourds, squash, Indian Corn and plentiful family activities to enjoy. From scarecrow-making to the annual hay maze challenge, enjoy this colorful part of the year while making your fall decorating easy with quality products right from your local farmer’s market.




Share Your Season, Socially!

This season at Bishop’s Orchards – while you, family and friends are enjoying yourself at Pick-Your-Own among our freshly-grown, flavorful products – we invite you to share your experience.

  1. Take a Photo!

Photo must be taken on location at Bishop’s Orchards during our Pick-Your-Own season and/or seasonal spring and summer events.

  1. Share Socially!

After the photo is taken, the user must share on either Facebook or Instagram using his or her own account. When submitting the photo to either of these social channels, the hashtag “PickBishops” must be used to become eligible.

You can also “tag” us in the photo by using the following username:

Instagram: @BishopsOrchards

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  1. Automatically, Enter to Win!

Each week, we will select the best photo as voted upon by our team at Bishop’s Orchards. You will be notified via Instagram/Facebook by our company account if you have won. Each selected weekly winner will receive a $10.00 gift card to our Farm Market.

  1. Final Grand Prize Winner!

At the end of the 20 weeks, all weekly winners will be entered to win our Grand Prize, a $50 Gift Card to Bishop’s Orchards. All photos will be compiled into a Facebook Album in which the photo that receives the most likes during the voting period, wins! Photo will be posted and voting will begin on Nov. 9th and will continue thru Nov. 20th. The winner will be announced on the 21st!

– You may post as many pictures as you want daily; there is no limitation on the number of photos submitted.

– Each week starts on Monday morning and ends the following Sunday (midnight EST)

– Pictures posted and tagged must be photos taken at Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market and Winery. The pictures can be of anything taken in the orchards or at the farm market.

– Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market reserves the right to use any pictures posted for promotional use both internally and externally. No names will be used for protection of the people in the photo unless we have your permission.