Farewell for now… more events to come!

First we would like to thank all our sponsors, wineries, and vendors for their support in participating in our Shoreline Wine Festival over the past 13 years. Without your support and services this event would have never been possible. Together we grew this event to double in size and participants, far past our initial expectations.

Sadly we will not be continuing this event. The Shoreline Wine Festival has always drawn a great audience, but we feel it has reached its maximum growth with the grounds capacity. This was not an easy decision to make as the business very much so looks forward to this weekend every year.

We are currently reevaluating the ways which we reach customers, and what type of special events can make that a reality. As we use 2020 to revamp our events line-up, we hope you continue your businesses and are open to attending new events to come here on the farm.

We look forward to continued joint efforts in the future!


If you would like to be kept in contact with, on future events held at the farm, please email [email protected].