FEATURED PERSONALITY: Sarah Bishop DellaVentura

Sarah Bishop is the sixth generation of the Bishop clan to step into the day-to-day operation of Bishop’s Orchard, family owned and operated since 1871. While Bishop’s has always been in the family, ending up there was not always Sarah’s plan. A business and marketing major while at college in Boston, she initially had no intention of returning to the family business until she considered the alternative. “I didn’t want to see what they had built sold off or end with the 5th generation. I started to embrace it and realized I had an interest in continuing the legacy. Now I’ve been back for 11 years.” Sarah stepped into the business and curated Bishop’s own in-house marketing program. What began as a one-woman department has now grown into 4 employees and Sarah is continuing to expand; she will be overseeing general operations come 2018

The experience she gained while working for another company – also a family-run business, though not her own – allowed Sarah to return to her hometown with a unique perspective on the dynamics of running a business saturated with significant interpersonal relationships. “It’s not just us as a family, the entire company is a family and there’s something to be said about that. I love that dynamic. Working with immediate family comes with challenges, but I love what I do. We’re a family and a business in the community that’s been around for 147 years and that’s why I look forward to coming to work every day – to continue that legacy and provide for people within the community.”