Bishop’s Kids’ Book Club

Welcome to the Bishop’s Kids’ Book Club page!

Join us for an adventure in reading, eating healthy foods, and educational activities! This program is aimed at early reading-age children, 3-9 years old. You must be a Bishop’s Loyalty Program member to register. If you are not a member and would like to join our Loyalty Program, please visit Customer Service at our farm market before registering.

Register your child/children for the Bishop’s Kids’ Book Club by clicking below. The registration deadline is April 28th.

There will be a book featured each month that will feature the fruit or crop in season. Read the book each month by checking it out at a local library, purchasing it at a local bookstore or downloading an e-copy online. Collect a stamp each month by attending the reading at Bishop’s Little Red Barn or taking the online quiz which will be available on this page.

Each stamp is eligible for the promo deal during the month of the featured item!  If you collect 4/6 stamps, each child participant will receive a Bishop’s-branded prize at the end of the program in October/November 2023!

You may pick up your stamp card at the farm market. The program runs May 1st through October 31st and readings will take place in the Little Red Barn the first Wednesday of each month, from 4-5pm. Please plan to join us for the full hour so you don’t miss anything! Each reading will have an educational activity that follows, with a cost of $5 per child at each reading to cover the cost of activity supplies.

Here is the calendar of reading and activity events:

Wednesday, May 3 rd , 2023 4-5PM

Reading of “Fidget Grows a Pizza Garden” at the LRB. Activity following reading: planting potted herbs with farm staff.

Wednesday, June 7th , 2023 4-5PM

Reading of “I Love Strawberries” at the LRB. Activity following reading: Rock painting, make strawberry rocks! Plus get a $2 off voucher to use at PYO strawberries during the 2023 strawberry season!

Wednesday, July 5th , 2023 4-5PM

Reading of “Blueberries for Sal” at the LRB. Activity following reading: Make a blueberry life-cycle wheel! Plus get a $2 off voucher to use at PYO blueberries during the 2023 blueberry season!

Wednesday, August 2nd 4-5PM

Reading of “The Last Peach” at the LRB. Activity following reading: Peach seed viability experiment through sink or float! Plus a mixed media peach tree craft project.

Wednesday, September 6th 4-5PM

Reading of “Apple Trees to Cider Please” at the LRB. Activity following reading: Make your own apple stamp tote bag!

Wednesday, October 4th 4-5PM

Reading of “Sophie’s Squash” at the LRB. Activity following reading: Make a ghost squash!