A Letter From The Co-CEO

Technology Upgrades Continue at Bishops Orchards!

We are excited to report that an upgrade in our Bishops Rewards Program has been implemented!

We have completed Phase I of installing new checkout registers, and the supporting infrastructure. As you have shopped, you will have experienced a new cash register that enhances our ability to serve you better by offering quicker lookups and scanning, maintenance of customer lookups to your reward card, plus inventory control, ordering and analysis for our staff. In addition, we can save paper and email your receipt directly to you without printing!

The online login for redeeming point in the Bishop’s Rewards Program was discontinued as of December 6, 2014 and your point balance transferred to our in-market system on that date.

We had to consolidate multiple Rewards Card numbers that were linked to one shared household account down to just one Rewards Card number. To do this, we determined the last Rewards Card used by a household group and assigned all the points to that last-used card. We can easily look up your card at the register by name, phone number or email address. If you wish to have separate points accumulated for different members of your household, please apply for an additional card. We have the ability to reprint your card so multiple family members can each have the same ID.

At the checkout, your Rewards Points will show on your receipt and we now have the ability to directly apply your Rewards points to a future purchase with no online action on your part or use of a Gift Card.

Our Gift Card Program was also upgraded. All previously issued gift cards remain valid for their full amount, and a new style gift card is issued for new purchases.

Our family and staff look forward to continuing to service your needs year round, and appreciates your patronage.


Keith B. Bishop