Pick Your Own

Here at Bishop's Orchards we work hard to grow the highest quality fruits for you. We offer these products to you at both our farm market (open year round) and Pick Your Own (PYO). We hope you will enjoy the fun of picking your own quality fruit direct from the bush or tree.

Our 24-hour phone information line, 203.458-PICK (7425), is updated daily during the picking season. Days and hours of picking are subject to the whim of Mother Nature. Please call ahead for the latest information. We look forward to having your friends & family enjoy the fun and experience of Pick-Your-Own at Bishop's Orchards!

Our estimated pick-your-own schedule for fruits is shown below:

STRAWBERRIES are the first PYO fruit of the season, with the picking starting in mid June and lasting till early July. Unfortunately it is a short season, but they are a wonderful fruit that you shouldn't miss. The varieties we grow have been selected for their flavor and ability to cultivate in our New England soils and weather.

The BLUEBERRY harvest here at BISHOP'S ORCHARDS usually begins about the 15th of July and continues into late August, a harvest period of about 6-7 weeks. We grow several varieties of blueberries that ripen through the season. All have excellent eating, cooking, and freezing quality. BLUEBERRIES should have a full blue color when picked in order to have full sweet flavor. We rotate picking areas to insure a steady, uniform supply of ripe berries. Pick berries that are fully blue, using your thumb and forefinger. Ripe berries will come off the bush easily.

RASPBERRIES are right with peaches as far as heavenly fruits. They are tender and fragile, and must be used within a day of picking to avoid spoilage. Raspberries start in mid-late August and continue till late October, with September being the peak. They freeze easy ... so many recipes use peaches and raspberries for a great combination!

PEACHES are the most heavenly of our fruits, so juicy that you always need a napkin! Our freestone peach season starts in early August and lasts till mid September. Since peaches are picked for full flavor when they are tree ripened, the pick your own times are not highly predictable other than a few days in advance. They are well worth the wait and trip to our farm!

PEARS start in late August with Bartlett and goes till mid September with Bosc. Juicy, sweet Bartlett's are great for eating, canning and cooking, while Bosc are crisp and best for eating and cooking. Bosc pears are available in our farm market usually from September till April.

APPLES are available for picking from mid August to late October. The exact timing depends upon crop and weather conditions. Bags are provided at no cost, and on the weekends, a tractor trailer ride takes you from our parking area into the orchard. For varieties currently available, call us before you come. Availability does change since once they're picked, that's it till the next crop a year later! In our farm market, we have a wide selection of apples almost year round due to our special storages that keep the apples 'tree fresh' long after they have been picked.

PUMPKINS round out our fall season, and along with PYO apples create a fun family opportunity to celebrate fun, freshness and the outdoors at Bishop's Orchards. Our pumpkin crop is harvested starting in mid September, and lasts through Halloween. Along with pumpkins, we have mums, corn stalks, gourds, squash, Indian corn and family activities like scarecrow making and a hay maze that are enjoyed by all and make your fall decorating easy with quality products.