Gift Baskets for Pick Up

Bishop’s Orchards Gift Baskets

Give a gift from the farm this holiday season. These arrangements are specially made with Bishop’s Own and local products. Everything you need from a small hostess gift, to a grand entertainers package. These gift baskets are all available for pick-up at the Farm Market, but not available for shipping. A few arrangements require you to place an order, while others are available for Grab N’ Go. We ask you to always call ahead of time to make sure what you need is in stock, or so we can gather ahead of time. Please read basket details carefully for each arrangement:



Sugar and Jam                                          $19.99 – Grab N’ Go






Single Wine Crate                                     $20.00 – Grab N’ Go






Hostess Basket                                           $25.00 – Grab N’ Go






Sparkling Crate                                        $30.00 – Grab N’ Go




Bishop's Jelly Jam-boree


Bishop’s Jelly Jam-boree                                        $35.00 – Grab N’ Go





Salsa and Chips Box                                 $35.00 – Grab N’ Go




Bishop's Dress Up Your Salad


Bishop’s Dress Up Your Salad                                            $40.00 – Grab N’ Go






Wine for Two                                            $45.00 – Grab N’ Go





Bishop’s Italian Colander                                        $45.00 – Grab N’ Go







Bishop’s Burton’s Breakfast                                   $50.00 – Grab N’ Go







Four Bottles of Wine Crate                     $85.00 – Grab N’ Go




Want to Order a pie or Bakery Item ?  View and print our order form, then call 203-453-2338, fax 203-458-7125 or email it to us.