At Bishops Orchards we bake, prepare and stock fresh food on a daily basis, all year long. We tailor our preparations based on seasonal, and of course, home grown produce. Providing the shoreline with local and artisanal products to support our community has always been a fundamental part of who we are as Farm Market. Come in and chat with our friendly staff!


When you first walk into our Farm Market you will be greeted by fresh produce. From asparagus in the spring, to apples right off the tree during the fall, we have items that are grown on-site, and shipped in from local farms so you can be sure your produce is grown fresh. You will find your favorite every day fruits fresh cut into convenient single servings as well as exotic Monster Fruit and whole Pomegranates to inspire a unique fruit salad. Our experienced produce team can tell you anything you need to know about sweet, white and purple potatoes and will help you find the right item for the dish you’re creating. From dried peppers for chile, to fresh herbs for a special soup we have all the special ingredients you need to prepare the meal you crave. This winter we’re celebrating citrus and enjoying the seasonal bounty of grapefruit, oranges and clementines. Add some color to your plate and check out our winter citrus salad recipe for something light and healthful!


Being a family owned business we have the ability to better cater to our customer by featuring local and hand crafted foods as well as the trusted traditional favorites that we’ve stocked for decades. We carry products that you won’t find in the supermarket as our buying team plays an important role in learning what trends are happening and what our loyal customers are asking for. Whether you are a party of one, or a family of eight, we’re stocked with delicious ingredients that will cater to every dietary lifestyle. From Seaweed and locally made Kale Chips to Gluten Free pastas and your favorite soups, we have something for everyone at Bishops Orchards. Come in to try a sample… we have different products to taste every day!

In addition to a robust selection of our own fruits and vegetables, we carry a unique variety of kid friendly, specialty and health conscious products. Looking to explore more plant based meals this month? We’ve expanded our line of Beyond Meat frozen foods to enhance your Meatless Monday dinner! Want to add something nutritious and flavorful to your crock pot meal? Consider adding dried mushrooms from our produce department for a boost in texture and nutrition. Need fun and healthful items for your kids lunch box? We have Nature’s Bandit fruit snacks, Annie’s crackers and Field Day organic applesauce to keep your kids feeling fueled. Stop by our extensive cheese department to pick out your favorite brie or cheddar and pair with Mary’s Gone Crackers for a delicious appetizer. Our grocery department is constantly evolving with new products and continues to provide our families with local items, pantry staples, specialty products and gourmet options.



From our kitchen to your tables, the freshest world famous pies,  ice cream & the “Fradiani Frenzy,” breads, croissants, muffins, scones, turnovers, dumplings, quiche, stuffed breads, salads, sandwiches, wraps, parfaits, cakes, cookies,  bars, hot soup bar, and a large assortment of “grab N go” Crock Pot or Grill Meals. For more details, visit our web page.