From The Family

Our farm has been a well-known landmark on the shoreline and our family has been an active part of the community for 144 years. Our family roots started in Guilford with John Bishop being one of the original signers of the Guilford Covenant in 1639 and the establishment of the current farm operation on the “West Side” in 1871. Currently, our family continues to thrive as the seventh generation is growing up on the farm. We have changed, evolved and adapted our agribusiness many times over to serve the needs of our local and regional customers. Gone as the days of delivering ice in the Model T to the iceboxes of Guilford before electricity and our first farm stand. Instead, we have made 11 additions to our “barn” since 1945 and continue extensive planning for the future of the farm and retail market.

The diversity of our business model, from our multitude of crops, companion products, marketing strategies, and support of other local growers has helped us weather many storms and the volatility of agricultural income. Pick Your Own, the Farm Winery, and the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture Program) all are strengths that make us unique and nimble. Our relationships with growers and suppliers is truly local, most within a 30-minute drive

As a family, we are proud of our contributions¬†to the community of Guilford as we serve as stewards of the land, provide employment opportunities on our farm and in the retail market, and grow and provide farm-fresh products. The 313 acres of land on our farm provide beauty and open space in Guilford, as well as natural resources to put healthy food on your table. Over 225 individuals are employed over the course of a year, over 100 each week. Our non-family management staff gas been with us a combined total of 155 years, an average of 15 years each! As one of Guilford’s largest employers, we have ‘raised’ many teenagers who come back after further education and raising families to say how valuable their experience at Bishop’s was to their life. Many of their own children have come to work for us, too.

As stated in our Vision and Mission Statement, the focus of these employees and our family members has been clear and will remain so: To preserve and enhance the value of the land for current and future generations and provide exceptional products and services to our customers that emphasize family, food and recreation. 

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